30 Posts of Obscurity: Waiting

I hate waiting. Yep. That about sums it up.

However, we all spend a tremendous amount of time waiting. In fact, I wonder how many hours/days/years we spend waiting in an average lifetime. I'm sure there is some type of fancy math formula to figure that one out...
62 minutes a day.

The below paragraph states: in 70 years, the average person spends at
least 3 years waiting.

I calculated that those 3 years would be approximately 4.3% of time
spent waiting or 62 minutes a day.

Waiting, an inevitable and even necessary aspect of human life is not
something that most of us relish. We wait in lines: in order to
purchase groceries; to be served at popular restaurants; to be
attended to in a bank; at stop signs and traffic signals; at amusement
parts; to see a play or film. We must also wait for flowers to grow
and bloom; for babies to be born; for wounds to heal; for bread to
rise and cheese to age; for children to mature; for friends to call;
for love to deepen. Statisticians have estimated that in a lifetime of
70 years, the average person spends at least three years waiting!
~Google Answers

Currently, I am waiting. I'm waiting to come up with a great idea for dinner.

I am waiting for my soon-to-be-ex's attorney to contact me to sign papers.

I'm always waiting for payday.

I'm waiting to do some much-anticipated travel this summer.

I'm waiting to start the next chapter of my life.

I'm waiting for my grades from Spring Quarter to get posted.

And, I am waiting to start attending classes at University.
(that last one is a whopper!)

Pacific Lutheran University

But, there are some good things about waiting, right?

It builds anticipation and then appreciation and excitement when the awaited 'whatever' arrives.

Waiting builds patience, and good self-discipline (in that you don't always need instant-gratification).

Sometimes while waiting, we have the opportunity to change our minds when we discover what we were waiting for wasn't that great after all.

Waiting in line gives you a chance to shmooze with those waiting with you, like in a concert line or at the grocery store.

Can you think of anything else that is good about waiting?
Me neither.

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