Spring Break @ Cannon Beach! Day 1

After a killer quarter, it's time for a break! How 'bout Cannon Beach on the beautiful Oregon Coast?

Hope you enjoy some of my favorite pics from our travel day down to my favorite place - in no particular order...

historic pilings in Astoria, OR

feeling small next to Haystack Rock,
Cannon Beach, OR

beach bike

beach walkers

the view from our balcony

spring daffodils in downtown Cannon Beach

a couple of couples in Astoria

sunshine and raindrops

anchored in the Columbia

pulling in

Cannon Beach sunset

lunch @ the Wet Dog Cafe, Astoria, OR
(salmon & guacamole wrap - pretty tasty!)

a mini flower that caught my attention

what a fabulous way to spend spring break!


asl4god said…
Great pics. Hope you guys have a wonderful time at your favorite place. Thanks for sharing....Love you!!
Mark said…
Oh, those pictures bring back great memories of my trip there - such a beautiful place. Hope you had a great time.
Mole said…
Like seeing an old friend, isn't it? *hug*

So glad it's been so beautiful!