Drippy Way to Spend the Day

Tuesday, December 25th.

No, I don't celebrate this holiday. However, the rest of humanity that lives close to me does. To that end, 99% of business are closed. Traffic is sparse and vacant parking lots are a little on the eery side. Nevertheless, we decided to get out and see what there was to see.

I thought you might enjoy the sights of Christmas Day in the Northwest.

Mmmmm...desserts at Shenanigan's on the waterfront

along Schuster Parkway

headed towards Vashon

a holiday feast for the duckage

still green even without the leaves

perfect accompaniment

drippy snowberries

destination reached

a holiday walk in the rain

view through the fence

what a wonderful turn of events...

yep, it's drippy, alright!

after Christmas morning...

sunlight peeks at Steilacoom as we head for home

to find a gift waiting - how sweet!

Peace, love and joy;
acceptance, understanding,
and the sense of belonging...

The best gifts ever.

(and bourbon balls aren't bad, either!)


Ari C'rona said…
What a truly pleasant day... and, yes, those are the best gifts. I love you, my dear friend. We are truly blessed.