Up Lynden-Way - Day 2

Water, water...everywhere!

Man, is it raining. Every kind of rain - drippy, muggy, misty rain. But mostly what's coming down is the famous Pacific Northwest drenching drizzle. Drenching the farmland that surrounds our resort, soaking the beautiful and lush green Mt. Baker Scenic Highway and just about drowning the Father's Day tourists down at Birch Bay.

Here's our day two from the rather wet viewfinder:

along the Mt. Baker Highway

Nooksack River

a wild river full of spring melt and rainwater

regal cedar

powerful whitewater

Nooksack Falls

snowmelt on Mt. Baker

Birch Bay


Mama Cache said…
Okay, I almost feel damp myself. ;-)

Amazing how beautiful everything is even when soaked and wild. Pretty shots, my friend.
Netanya said…
Beautiful,even if it is wet.
Ari C'rona said…
I have to say those are spectacular pics in spite of the rain! Love the whitewater and the slippery lookin' bridge! Nicely done, my friend!
asl4god said…
Great pics!! So beautiful!! Sorry it was so wet, though.