This Jedi Reviews Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

Why do I think hardly anyone saw this movie? I didn't hear anything about it, other than an obscure trailer long ago. Thankfully, Padawan kept it in mind and was watching for it to show up at the cheap theater.

For a paltry $1 per ticket, we got a real treat. Ewan McGregor was very believable as Dr. Alfred Jones, a rather nerdy fisheries expert, who is thrust into a position of consultant on a far-fetched dream of bringing salmon to the Yemen. This is a wonderful and sweet chick-flick.

What I liked:
  • watching Ewan McGregor for 107 minutes.
  • listening to Ewan McGregor for 107 minutes.
  • watching the Sheikh, played by Arm Waked, for somewhat less than 107 minutes.
  • the story was easy to watch, although pretty predictable.
  • I loved the dry British humor!
  • that it was a feel-good movie with excellent cinematography (there are some really great camera shots!)

What I didn't like:
Really, not much. It reminded me of films made in the 80s that were solely for the purpose of entertainment and enjoyment, not saving the world or shooting up aliens.

The bottom line:
If you enjoy flicks with Ewan McGregor, thrill at actors with accents and don't mind watching people fishing or talking about such small subjects as faith, then you should definitely add it to your movie library.


Ari C'rona said…
What a lovely 107 minutes! Great review!