I Prayed for You Today

I awoke with you on my mind. No, you didn't know...no way that you could. But before my feet left the blankets for the chilly floor, I prayed for you.

I prayed for a good day for you...a day filled with purpose and plan; a day where you could give love and feel love, a day where the smile of a child could warm your heart, and your returning smile would warm theirs, as well.

I made my way to the coffeemaker with those words echoing in my head. Then, even as hot water steamed up my reflection, I couldn't help but to bring you to the Holy One yet again.

I prayed that your tasks for this day went well, and that you had all the help you needed. I reminded the LORD of your heart, and how so many times you left your own needs unheeded. I then humbly requested continued health for you and your beloved - for this day and for tomorrow, even the many days still yet to come.

As I stepped into my heels, I tried to put you out of mind, and freely admit I had some success - most sublime. But it was rather short-lived, I'm hesitant to say, and I completely blame the Spirit for my thoughts on this day.

So, I prayed for you today. Oh yes, I most certainly did pray. I prayed while I drove, and I prayed while I sang. I prayed while I thought and pondered the same. I prayed as I smiled and strolled on my way; y'know, it shaped up to be a prayer-sort of day. I prayed for your well-fare and prayed for your mind, I prayed for good things from your Father and mine. I prayed for all that surround you, and prayed for your foes. I prayed for refreshing in a life no longer called your own. I prayed for good music, and I prayed for sweet peace; I prayed earnestly and honestly and steadfastly, you see.

I would not expect you to return such a favor - it'd be most presumptuous I'm sure. But I must confess a far-fetched request, my single-mindedness I know you'd concur. A request that would require a miracle of highest class...who would even dare to ask?

I prayed that one day, by some wondrous act of HaShem, that we could somehow talk as it was way back when. Without angst, without strife - without anger, fear or the pain that's a knife. I know that I'm bold, and it's really a stretch. As a child with their father, the angels did see, I begged it for you and I pleaded for me.

Unresolved history is just what it is. So I prayed for you today, my friend, as many days without end. As He lives, I'll continue day in and day out; frankly of that I'm sure you have no doubt. No, I am not noble nor better than others; just know that my humble prayer accompanies whispered prayer for another.


Your Friend said…
I hope you don't mind that I feel somehow that this could be directed at me as well as others.

You need to know that others feel the same toward you and yours.

May we all remember each other in our communing with the Creator, because we are truly "our brother's keeper".
Mole said…
Praying with you and for you, my dear friend.

We do not approach One who is silent or still. May He move and speak on your behalf for His glory.

I love you.