It's almost April 19th

Molly is sitting shiva for Picnik...

Yes, the long-hated day that our beloved photo site Picnik will be closing it's doors. What's a blogger to do??

No more touch-ups.
No more automatic fixes.
No more bumpin' up the color, adjusting exposure or adding a border.

It was gonna be such a grief-stricken outcry of anguish from heartbroken bloggers and photo aficionados.
'Til now.

Take a minute and check out PicMonkey.

It is free for now, but for access to this type of site, I would pay. Don't tell Google, but it is suspiciously similar to Picnik.

before adjustments in PicMonkey
after adjustments in PicMonkey


Ari C'rona said…
Sweet! I'm so glad you found this! :o)
Mama Cache said…
I am so excited for you!!!

Your January friend is going to be thrilled, as well. I won't tell her -- she will find out from your post in no time without my having to say a word.

(I do love the Molly pic, too.)
JDrake said…
Thankyou for finding PicMonkey! I was so depressed when Picnic said good bye. At least they reimbursed my money.