This Jedi Reviews The Phantom Menace 3D

Before I say anything, I must reveal that this movie is my favorite of the saga. Yes, I know...Jar Jar Binks. Yes, Yoda looked kinda strange and bug-eyed. Yes, Jake Lloyd was rather difficult on the set. Regardless, I thrill every time I see Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan make their appearance, and laugh when Jar Jar makes a fool of himself. I love the costumes, the philosophy, the dialog and the story. I love it all...and have to admit that I have probably watched/listened to this movie at the very least 50 times, or more (that may be a bit of an underestimate).

Having said all that, you may be thinking, "why in the world review it, then?"

I want to tell you how exciting it was to see it on the big screen once again - 3D, no less! The pod race was beyond thrilling for me. The space battle was even more epic than before. In fact, I turned to my companions several times and said, "this is a completely new movie!!" For me, it was.

The details of the costumes, the detail of everything, was incredible. The color was pumped up, as well - a veritable feast for the eyes. I noticed adjustments in the soundtrack - differences in the sound of dialog and effects stuck out to me. And Yoda...yes, Yoda was incredible! I was so very pleased that they 'fixed' him - so, so much better. Infinitely so.

This movie has, and will always have, many critics. So be it.
But, for me, it will always be my favorite.

I absolutely loved it!
Can't wait to go again.
Can't wait for Episode II to come out in 3D.
Can't wait for Phantom Menace to have a run in the cheap theater.
Love, love, love!

Kind of a biased review, I know.
I will do what I must, Obi-Wan.


so want to go see this!!
Ari C'rona said…
Love, love, love it! I fully concur with your biased view - awesome pics!!
Mama Cache said…
For maximum viewing pleasure, I think it is best to watch in the company of a couple of Jedi.

Yep, that's what I think. *hug*