In Search of Sanity - Day Two

Miles driven: approx. 285

in Cannon Beach

photos taken: 92
Number of times Padawan had to re-tie her shoes: at least three

at Pizza a Fetta

Strange sight you don't see everyday: man on a bicycle pulling his dog in the kiddie-cart
Best time to change your clothes: when the maintenance guy says he'll be right back...better be quick!

So, yesterday our room was absolutely freezing (58 degrees), then we got a space heater from the very nice maintenance guy. After that, our room was a sweltering 80 degrees. Yikes!

Today, we arrived back at our hotel room and it was just cookin' hot. Unfortunately, we couldn't budge the window...back came our sweet maintenance guy to save the day! He needs one of those yellow super-hero capes, I think...


Sweet elderly souls in the Tillamook Fred Meyer: three and a really cute couple

love taking pics of younglings!

CDs listened to: at least 5 - a good vocal workout and Hebrew review...

caught'ya, li'l sissy!

Thank the LORD for modern medicine - HRT and inhalers are a good thing!

Cannon Beach

Memories shared: oh-my-gosh, I can't count...lots of history re-lived, that's for sure!

Number of rude tailgaters in macho trucks: at least 4 (I'm positive they were trying to compensate for something...)

one of many view pullouts

Jedi swagger required: only once

Haystack Rock

Food revelation of the day: capers are really salty...

Number of sarcastic texts: at least 3

The stars were beautiful tonite. 

The sound of the crashing waves, just the right music 
and the real possibility of relaxation. 

Praise HaShem.


Ari C'rona said…
I'm so grateful for the sunshine and our time today!