In Search of Sanity - Day Four

Well, the trip home was rocky, at best.

The weather was horrid.
The truckers were insistent and obviously behind schedule.
There were way too many rude drivers flashing their lights and pushing others to go faster than they wanted to in the inclement weather (no, not at me, but the blatant selfishness still made me angry).
And, to make matters worse, my traveling companion was sick.

So, did I find any sanity?
Well...I made some decisions, does that count?

I decided that there are are a lot of judgmental, selfish people.
Unfortunately, you can find them easily.
I decided, clearly, that I will continue to make every effort not to be one of them.
I decided that it is easy to take the strong and capable for granted.
I decided that I don't want to take anyone for granted, ever.
I decided that I don't have anything to anyone.
I decided, once again, that self-righteousness is a poisonous, egregious sin that results in that judgment I mentioned before, leaves no room for compassion and is most certainly an insidious form of idolatry that must grieve the heart of our LORD.

It's good to think through things to gain clarity.
Stormy wind, pounding rain and crashing waves
so often puts things in perspective.
Baruch HaShem.

Until next time, Oregon.

I love you.


asl4god said…
I'm sorry the trip didn't end as well as it began. :-( Hope Lisa feels better soon.

I'm glad being on the coast helps put things in perspective. Watching the water and walking on the beach always helps me, too. Glad you guys made it home safely, in spite of the selfish drivers. Love you!!
Mama Cache said…
I'm thankful you arrived home safely . . . with clarity in tow.

I miss you, my friend. ♡
Ari C'rona said…
I'm grateful we got away for a few days even though it wasn't as restful as we'd hoped, my friend. I love you.