Lookin' for the Miraculous

Have you ever prayed for a miracle? Something so utterly fantastic, completely out of your control and probably incomprehensible? Oh yeah, I have.

Perhaps you have, too. Maybe you have prayed for that needed job or that long-awaited mate. Or possibly you have prayed for a miracle cure for the incurable disease for yourself or a loved one. I'm sure many have prayed for situations to change miraculously because what they were doing just wasn't enough. I've even prayed, cheekily I admit, that there be a 'miracle in the hearing' for anyone within range of my singing. *smirk*

I have heard the classification of miracles, which I always find fascinating. Class A or Class B...who would think of these things? I guess it is helpful for some to categorize miracles in this way. But for me, or the desperate, poverty-stricken mother who needs food for her family, a miracle is simply a miracle. I can say with all certainty that for the ones who have been granted a miraculous reprieve from misery and grief there is no doubt of the miraculous or thoughts of classification. They are quite happy to leave that kind of postulating to the more scholarly types and simply praise their Provider.

Are you praying for a miracle? For that premature baby that is struggling to live or that adult child, friend or spouse that is caught in an addiction that continues to rip apart relationships? If so, I'll join you in your fervent prayer for a miracle - be it healing, deliverance or justice. Our LORD is capable and more than able to perform miracles today just like the ones recorded in Scripture. There are times, however, in His wisdom and mercy He doesn't answer our requests because His way is so much better than ours. That could be considered a miracle, too...right?


We are praying for a miracle today. Actually, You know that we have been diligently praying for this particular miracle for a long time.

We know it will be a total and complete display of unwarranted grace and mercy if what we are requesting comes to pass and fully realize that we are asking for the moon and more. Only You can bring it to reality - we ask...no, we beg for Your miraculous intervention. If and when it is time for us to do anything in relation to this situation, we trust You will make it clearly known. We await direction from You, and completely trust You to enable and strengthen us to complete anything you require with love and sincerity.

We will continue to ask for this miracle, LORD.  And even if things don't go the way we would choose, we will bow to Your wisdom. However, we know You hear the cry of Your people and answer, You attend to the hurt and wounded, and believe You have put the desire so see this miracle come to reality within us with such fervor that we cannot escape. Therefore, we believe You can and will make a way for this miracle to happen. We pray that it is soon, LORD...very soon.

Blessed are You, our King and Savior,
Who is the One and Only that can perform miracles.

Your servants bow before You humbly and beg for Your action in this matter.

It is in the name of Yeshua we ask,


Ari C'rona said…
Amein, and amein... joining you in this prayer, my friend.
Mama Cache said…
A friend of mine is fond of saying, "While there is breath, there is hope." Yet, you can testify that hope can lie even beyond breath in a miracle.

It is so easy to forget. Thanks for calling it to mind again.
Netanya said…
While we wait on Your direction, we ask for your guidance and especially for your peace! We ask that you remove all anxiety and that you fill us with your joy . Give us the grace to wait on Your timing L-rd. Lift our heavy hearts . Most of all, keep us focused on you lest our prayer become an idol of sorts. Keep our perspective in the right place. Bring us into Your wonderful presence and according to Your word, inhabit our praises as we worship You.
Barb said…
I have prayed for a miracle, on many an occasion. The L-RD typically allows me to get to the absolute end of myself, when there is nowhere else to turn, all options are exhausted, none can help. Then, in His own unique way, a way that is definitely higher than mine, He works a miracle and in a way I would never have imagined. He is glorious, Holy, awesome. He loves us beyond what we could ever comprehend. And you are right when you say that sometime the miracle He performs is to NOT grant our request, because He has in mind our best for His glory. I bow before Him in reverent awe, knowing that He hears our prayers, He loves us, and He will never allow us to be tested beyond what we can endure. Beloved Father, hear our prayer and show us Your mercy and goodness.