I'm not much for conspiracy theories.

I'm not into hoarding firearms or packing away enough food and water for the apocalypse. I don't like to operate from a place of fear, or pay much heed to fear-mongers or pundits expounding on things I, as one person, can do nothing about.  However, when a friend shared information about our government making some drastic changes that can, or will, lead to the nullification of the Constitution and imprisoning citizens in concentration camps, I had to take notice.

Even if you think this site is 'out there', it would seem that the US Government is moving in a dark direction.  I was totally unaware of FEMA building and staffing internment camps.  I had no idea that these camps are located all over the country.

For years, my mentor has spoken about a coming time when our people will be, once again, rounded up and put into concentration camps. This has never been something I have taken lightly; always in the back of my mind even as I touch the mezuzah that is so prominently displayed at my front door. It's not far from public consciousness that millions of Jews were, not too long ago, loaded into cattle cars and taken to despicable places and killed. I am more than aware of my fear of that very thing happening in my lifetime, and further the lifetimes of my children.

Like I said, I don't like to operate from a place of fear. To that end, I have to realize that there is only one source of peace and protection, and that is the promises of our LORD. He says "fear not".  I pray that, through whatever is to come, we can manage to somehow hold onto each other, maintaining the relationships that we have been given - they are so very important.

May the Holy One have mercy on us all.


The following was shared by a friend, a Star Wars loving friend. This is a visual representation of Charlie Chaplin's famous speech from 'The Dictator' put into the Star Wars universe. Once again, fiction is a commentary of reality...the stark reality.