Revisiting Deception Pass

So many ghosts to visit, so many memories to sort through. It was almost one year ago, right after the shock of my mother's passing, that my dearest friends and I visited this beautiful place. To get away. To sort through emotions. To simply be together.

It is on these rocks that memories still linger.
The ghosts enjoyed the visit, I'm sure.

Morgan came away with this stunning photo, as well. I love it.

me and my girl

photo credit: Lisa Landry


Miss S. said…
I think I'd venture to say that Deception Pass is the most beautiful place in world. And the best place to go to sort out life and be at peace. :)
Ari C'rona said…
A very reflective day it was, my friend - I felt as if we were doing yartzeit. Love the pics!
Mama Cache said…
I am thankful -- deeply thankful -- that you had the opportunity to spend the day in that spot. So significant and special.

Love you, my friend.
Sue KuKu said…
Saved your pictures of the rock cairns, dandelion and a shot of the land and water -- which may also end up on a LB log someday.

Looks like a great day for mourning, remembering and praying for better days for everyone.