A Rather Intimate Word of the Week

of or relating to marriage or the relationship between husband and wife: "conjugal loyalty".

It has been my experience that when this word is used, people kinda jump. Conjugal what? Yeah, conjugal visits...in the context of a spouse visiting their incarcerated beloved. (Just as a side note, do incarcerated women get to have conjugal visits with their men?  Or is it just incarcerated men who get to have visits with their wives?  I have no idea...but as usual, have questions.)

We may have mixed views about this, right?  Well, it is not my intent to debate the issues of prisoners rights, but simply to put to bed (as it were) the misconception that this rarely used word is some sort of euphemism for sex.  (*gasp* gosh, is that the first time I've used the word sex on this blog??  It may be!)   It would seem that conjugal has anything to do with marital-related issues, not simply marital intimacy.

So, here's some examples of the use of our word (found online):

Conjugal fidelity.
Conjugal affection, Sir Eliot Howard; we do not like the character of his sisters.
Conjugal love.
Conjugal relations between husband and wife are forbidden. (!!)
Conjugal act.
Conjugal visits in the slave camps of the USSR.

Synonyms for conjugal would include matrimonial, nuptial and connubial.

Of or relating to marriage or the relationship of husband and wife; conjugal: "their connubial bed".

OK, so that are interesting!  I'm thinkin' that word isn't used much anymore...

Y'learn something new everyday!


Ari C'rona said…
Excellent explanation of this rather obscure word, my friend! haha! :oD