Quinault Getaway

Well, Padawan said it was a good thing to get away in the midst of the moedim...I think I agree.  *smile*  So, away we went to Quinault with Netanya's hubby, Jimmy Everything.  And a lovely time it is!  We started off with a nice little hike along a nature trail, then met to check into the beautiful turn-of-the-century lodge right on the shores of the stunning Lake Quinault.  What a treat!

Friday evening means lighting the Shabbat candles and relaxing - how wonderful!

Fun facts to know and tell your friends:

The Casa Mia pizza place in Hoquiam doesn't have the yummy potato pizza.  I know...bummer.

Sometimes, an air mattress just doesn't take as long as expected to blow up.

A gollywopper is a loving term for crane fly.  Who knew?

You can hear Jimmy Everything laugh from the fire pit down on the beach all the way in your room.

More fun facts about Quinault Lodge.

Shabbat Shalom!


JediKai said…
Quinault Lodge is my favorite place on the peninsula. Hope you continue to have a delightful time.