Star Wars Challenge: Week 20

Your favorite moment in A New Hope?

My favorite memory of Star Wars (it wasn't called A New Hope then) is when I saw it the first time when it came out way back when.  I stood in the Seattle rain with my parents and brother and waited to buy tickets for hours.  Then, safely ensconced in my theater chair...that opening scene with the Star Destroyer coming right over our heads - WOW!  For this 'tween, it was absolutely incredible!  I was hooked.

So, my favorite scene would be the garbage scene.  Yeah, I love the banter between the characters as they go down the shoot and while they are inside.  Nicely done, George.

In my web search, I came across these fun bookends 
which feature my favorite scene - cool!

And then, I found this!  haha!  


Ari C'rona said…
hahaha! Love the last pic! You know, that is probably my least favorite scenes in this one - Luke's voice is so irritating! :oD
Patty said…
Love the memory! My first mamory of Star Wars was that it was the first movie I ever went to unshaporoned. :-) We came out TOTALLY hooked singing the theme song. As far as favorite scene, that's a tough one. I think I'd have to say the final battle scene. I really enjoy space battles. Then it got even better when han came back! :-)