When time and distance separate, I want you to know the depth
of my care and devotion to you in my heart, even still and always.

Destined companions; a safe place - a respectful refuge;
with care and gentleness, valuable iron sharpening iron.

And in times of raw honesty, I have to admit
that I will forever miss you when we are apart;

and yet somehow I will still be with you
just as it is a fact that you will forever be a part of me;
your voice inside my head... visiting in my dreams.

You just must know that you make me feel beautiful,
and wanted,
yes, smart and witty, too;

like you were just not as good without me in your life,
and, my dear friend, I certainly will never be as good without you.

The greeting smile and the twinkle in your eye,
the understanding glance and knowing how I would hurt;

the tease and the tears
and the yearning for good and the covering of prayer...

I always have, and will, want the absolute best for you,
oh my dearest of friends.

Don't ever forget the depth of my care
and devotion to what the Maker planned for us.

It escapes the understanding of many, it would seem,
but I believe we both know the truth of it.
It was, and is, good.

Not all love is romantic, not all friendships the same
and not all hearts can handle the strain;
of expectation,
of obligation,
and the strong desire to please.

And those that don't venture never gain the reward.

It is, and will always be, an honor to hear your words echo in my head
for sweet memories and forgiveness ring as clear bells of praise
to the One who ordained our meeting,
and then the weaving of our lives.

Please don't ever forget
that we touched souls around us by joining our talents for the good,
and that it was His good pleasure for it to be so.

Thus, if you ever find yourself far from my voice,
never forget that I will always be the one who remembers,
who relives and replays,
who treasures and relishes
all the time given to us as a precious gift.

For I will never regret my care for you -
not one word, deed or defense.

I will never forget how special and unique you are,
nor deny how special our bond is - I suspect it will never happen again;
for in the end it could have only been orchestrated by One greater than all.

My heart will always, ALWAYS be grateful for the time we have had,

Oh my friend, some may never understand,
and I pity them, truly and indeed.
For those cannot know this kind of love,
nor is this level of connection in their grasp.

My friendship with you is like a precious gem that I can hold in my hand,
that no can ever, or will ever, take away.

Don't forget, my dearest of friends;
and know that I will honor the gift we were given until my last breath.

And now, you know.

Be safe as you go.
Be wise in your way.

Love G-d, my dearest, dearest friend -
and I anticipate the moment we can look eye to eye once again.


Ari C'rona said…
wow... I thank my G-d every day for you and His Ruach that shines so bright like a bonfire in you. I love you, my dearest of friends.

We have the most precious gifts in the friends our G-d has given us...
Ann Canton said…
That is very, very touching and reflects the kind of special person you are.......full of light and wonder the enemy came against you so much. Count your 'beatings' as scars - after all your Master suffered the same at the hands of men...and we know he did nothing wrong!! Love you Liz.
asl4god said…
That is beautiful, my wonderful friend!! I am forever grateful for the gift of a sister God granted me so long ago. We've shared things that no one has ever shared with us and our bond has deepened through the years because of that. I'm grateful for those times as well. They have made us who we are. I LOVE YOU!!!