Star Wars Challenge: Week 10

Favorite photo that’s related to Star Wars

Oh my gosh, there are so many!!  I have many great pics of us trooping with good costuming friends...funny ones of Stormies tap dancing and wonderful times of photo ops with interesting personalities (like the cast of Deadliest Catch at the Puyallup Fair).  But, I guess I have to make a choice, so here it goes.

This photo was taken by a friend.  At the time, she didn't mind taking the pics of us (Padawan and I) in our first Jedi costumes, although I'm sure she might feel differently now, unfortunately.  This one will always be my much so, I carved it into a rubber stamp.

And, then there's this...hahaha!

And, just for Granny-Wan...


Ari C'rona said…
Excellent choices, my friend! :o)
Granny-Wan said…
Um... something with Obi-Wan in it? Preferably from AOTC with the hair... LOL
Hendel D'bu said…
haha! Oh yes! One of my favorite pics from AOTC is an out-take of Obi-Wan lounging and smiling on the deck of a LARTY...very, very cool.

ah, the hair...*swoon* :-P
Kaaren said…
So we're slowly introducing Isabel to the movies. Started with Episode I & we're up to 4. I mentioned "Ben Kenobi" a few times. I had to explain that Ben was also Obi-Wan.

Later, when he's back on screen, she says "Hey, Bob Kenobi."