Something's Missing...

Yes, I charged up my battery.  My camera was more than ready to snap pics of this years Passover celebration and seder.  But, did I get any pics?  Heck no!!  It was too crazy...too much to do, too much conversation and laughter to be had, too much food and the responsibility of making the celebration all that it is supposed to be for my guests.  It all came off wonderfully and everyone said they had a great time...but, alas - no pics.

So, instead of pics, you will have to use your imagination!

This first pic would be a wonderful shot of our set and ready Pesach tables, complete with the beautifully arranged seder plates and lovely white roses in bud vases. Gosh, when they get all set, it is quite impressive!

This next pic would be one of Larry, Jim and Henry holding up the matzah prior to the blessing.  Jim was commenting on his thoughts on the piercing and striping that the makers put into the matzah...good pondering thoughts on our Messiah and His sacrifice, for sure.

Someone might have been able to snap a pic of me and Morgan serving the 
ever-popular matzah-ball soup...yummmmm!

And, here would be the young adults singing along
with our rousing rendition of Daiyenu!

I'd love this would be of my dear, dear friends Mark and Cherrie whom I am privileged to sing with in choir.  They love to attend the Passover seder, and were telling us all about their experience last year attending the large seder at the Tacoma Dome with Mark Biltz.  I guess there were close to a thousand folks at that seder.  Wow!  I can't even imagine trying to pull that off with any success!

There could have been many more photos that I would have loved to share, if I would have had my camera ready and available; like the one of Lisa serving up her famous Creme Brulee and Matzah Crunch.  And the one of Marilyn, Diane and I clinking our glasses with a joyful "l'chaim!"  I would have especially loved a shot of Barb and Pam talking about Pam's recent travels to Washington DC - so cool!

This last pic would have been my favorite from our seder this year. It is a group shot of my beloved chaverim; Lisa, Barb, Marilyn, Diane, Netanya and myself. Thankfully, and amazingly, no one would have been talking or had their eyes closed when the shutter fired! We all are so happy to be together for such a joyous occasion - what a blessing, indeed!

Well, that's the wrap-up from this year's seder - a festive time for all! And, we all say...

"Next year in Yerushalayim!"
Netanya was kind enough to post some of her great pics on!

Barb, Mark, Cherrie and Diane, with Marilyn off to the left...

the joyous candles of Pesach

I love cheese, grapes & olives!
a place for Elijah... 
table set for a feast!!  Chag Pesach Sameach!


Mama Cache said…
A word (of yours) is worth a thousand pictures!

(You made me chuckle.)
Ari C'rona said…
Hey, love those pics! hahaha!

It was a great celebration, especially memorable this year as the L-rd takes us in new directions... thanks, my dear friend. I love you. :o)