Sunny Seattle Skyline

Yes, I's pretty amazing. 

The sun was actually shining yesterday and today here in Seattle.

Everybody and their brother was at Alki to take advantage of the free vitamin D, so it was kinda hard to find a parking spot.  When we did, though, we were able to enjoy a spectacular view of the best city skyline in America. 

OK, so I'm biased.

Click on the photos for a closer view...can you find the jet over the Jet City?

I absolutely love the red boat!

OK, so how 'bout that crow? 
He was chattering at us while we were snapping his portrait...

beautiful blue sky only topped by the blue of Puget Sound

Iconic, to be sure!


Mama Cache said…
Okay, enough of this. I'm going to get my reading glasses because I was looking all over that second shot for the . . . um . . . cow.
Mama Cache said…
We've got this open on //both// computers. So blue!!! Love them.

And, yes, I did see the cRow. ;-)
Ari C'rona said…
Hey, those are great! I loved doing Seattle with you and Morgan today! :o)