Star Wars Challenge - Introduction

You may have heard of the 30-day Photo Challenge, right?  We changed it up a bit, and we, a group of friends and I, are attempting our own version.  Interesting and fun it is!  But, I just heard of a new challenge specifically for Star Wars geeks - the 30-Day Star Wars Challenge.  Intriguing, to be sure!

I'm sure I cannot live up to the challenge of a daily post, but I would be game for doing a weekly Star Wars challenge.  Further, you could do this with any geekdom you are into; Dr. Who, Buffy, Star Trek, Narnia...really anything would fit with a little tweaking.  It does help that Star Wars has so much to draw from, I have to say.

I did consider creating a new blog similar to the blog I created for the Exposure Challenge, but since this blog is loosely Star Wars-themed, I decided to keep it here.  [And, for my readers that don't enjoy Star Wars, please accept my humble apologies.  My fascination with the galaxy far, far away is innocent and just for fun.]

Here are the topics for the weekly posts, in case you would like to participate.  Some are posting their responses to the daily challenge on may want to do the same (just make sure you let me know - I don't want to miss it!).

All-time favorite character in Star Wars
Favorite member of the Rebellion
Favorite member of the Empire
Favorite Jedi
Favorite Droid
Favorite type of ship, or specific ship
Favorite planet
Favorite movie in the original trilogy
Favorite movie in the prequel trilogy
Favorite photo that’s related to Star Wars
Favorite battle
All time favorite scene in any of the movies
Favorite quote
A scene that makes you happy
A scene that makes you sad/angry
Photo of your Star Wars related things (books, action figures, posters, shirts, etc.)
Your favorite moment in The Phantom Menace
Your favorite moment in Attack of the Clones
Your favorite moment in Revenge of the Sith
Your favorite moment in A New Hope
Your favorite moment in Empire Strikes Back
Your favorite moment in Return of the Jedi
Something you wished was different in the series
A character you didn’t like in the series
Your favorite book/series from the Expanded Universe
Your favorite Obi-Wan Kenobi quote
Your favorite Yoda quote
Your favorite Darth Vader quote
Best Star Wars related story/incident you’ve had
Why you love Star Wars
Can't wait to get started!


Ari C'rona said…
Awesome! You know I wouldn't miss this! :o)
Mama Cache said…
Okay, I just want to do the fourth week. Is Jedi plural? ;-)