Shabbat Prayer

I pray for sunshine and blue skies;

For smiling friends and cooing babies;

For happy mommies and proud daddies;

For good food and comforting family.

I pray for two candles with sweet voices raised in song;

For loving conversation and open hearts;

For security and trust.

I hope for good days in the future,

with companionship and knowing looks;

For passionate teaching and meaningful learning;

For days when I'm so tired from fully living
that I don't even remember putting my head 
on the pillow when they are done.

I long to share my heart, my love, my connection to those close to me,

To make them feel wanted and cared for;

To strengthen and cherish relationships;

To stop the bleeding, heal the wounds and comfort the grieving.

I pray diligently for all these things and more,

often, again and now.

Shabbat Shalom.


Ari C'rona said…
Amein, my dear, dear friend. I love you. :o)
Mama Cache said…
Such beautiful words to follow your "grateful" post. I am praying with you.