My Happy Little World

When it comes to a place to worship, I suspect we all have a picture in our mind of how we would like to have things.  I call it 'my happy little world'.  It is the best of the best; in the realm of my imagination, this is how I want things to look... 

I want a safe place, a community, for myself and my children, where we are accepted and respected as individuals.  Someplace where we feel, and are, needed and wanted.

I want that place to be accepting of all types of families, not just 'whole' ones.  In my happy little world, couples and singles are valued equally and there is no judgment of small families or large ones. 

In this world of my imagination, there is respect for both sexes.  Men are not better or smarter than women, and women don't hold higher intelligence or wits than men.  Gifts and talents are valued from all, regardless of gender, and are put to good use in this imaginary place.  This respectful attitude is something that we teach our children with our words and model with our behavior.

In this happy world, worship of our Master in every endeavor is a mandate.  Praise and worship in song is passionate and purposeful, corporate prayers are approached with reverence and diligence and relationships are valued and appreciated without fail.  Compassion is considered of the utmost importance, both to those within and those that the LORD would bring.  

Leadership in this happy little world of mine consists of honest men of integrity; compassionate, available shepherds doing their absolute best to fulfill the difficult task that has been placed before them.  Without complaint, they ask for help when they need it and covet the prayers of their flock on their behalf.

OK, yes...I know.  Lofty and perhaps even out of reach my imagination may be.  However, I'd sure like the chance to give it a try.  Because, after all, even if you shoot for the moon and miss, you will land among the stars.


Netanya said…
Amein! In my little world, people are free to be on their face during service if God is moving in that way,and they are not made to feel out of place for it.
Leaders love their flock and show it with encouraging words,hugs,compassion and are genuine with thier people.
People pray from their heart.
No one is more esteemed than another,all are equal.
The Holy Spirit is present and moving.
Hoping that God show me where this place is......
Jedi-J said…
Yay!!! I can post again! :D