The Saga of the Pinkie-Pod

Yeah, it's pink.  Pink is not my color, really.

Both my boys have the latest, most up-to-date offering of Nano, but Morgan and I chose to get the iTouch.  We both enjoy the iTouch, but it is a little large to stash in your pocket.  Besides, the silly cats knocked mine onto the floor quite some time ago, and it features a lovely (not really) series of cracks on the touch screen.  So, when Alex and I were cruising our local Pawn Exchange, he spotted Pinkie and insisted that I needed to give it a home.  "It fits better in your pocket, Mom, and if something happens to it, you're not out much.  Come on, it's classic - it's the Generation One!"  Sure.

So, I gave the orphaned "classic" Nano a new family.  It was lovingly named, by the former owner, Optimus Prime.  Isn't that a transformer?  Somehow, that name didn't really fit (y'think?), so I changed it's name to the more appropriate "Pinkie-Pod".

Life was fine with Pinkie-Pod and I.  We hung out together in the car and in my craftroom.  Ever faithful to dutifully play the songs I uploaded at the touch of my finger, Pinkie enjoyed riding around in my cuddly pocket, providing musical accompaniment to my daily tasks.

But, now the unthinkable has happened.  Last night, Pinkie and I were spending some time together carving, just like we had many times before.  However, as Barbra Streisand crescendo'd the last notes of the  Lord's Prayer (a remnant of my mom's memorial service playlist), Pinkie just stopped.  Silence.  No next song.  No control on the touch circley-thing.  Nada.  I lovingly removed the comatose Pod from it's nest of pod-dock speaker and tried to coax it back to life.  No luck.  Dead.

Well, what a bummer.  I can't stand one more thing dying in my life, to be honest.  OK, well, that may be extreme, but I had really gotten to like that little Pinkie-Pod.  Alex tried to administer life-saving techniques to the poor little thing, but could only suggest letting all the battery juice drain out and try to revive it by recharging.  Worth a try, I thought, since it was sorely lacking a teenie-tiny paper-clip restart hole (who designed this thing, anyway?)

This morning it promptly got attached to the computer.  It was drained of all battery life and was dead as a door nail.  Sadness.  I was hopeful, however, that somehow a miracle might happen.  Upon the first intubation of life support - nothing.  Oh, come on!  Please??  Wiggled the cord, plugged and replugged and came to life!  Not happy, but little whispers of promise.  The screen lit up and declared that the battery was dry, dry, dry.  Yeah, I know.

More wiggling actually got it to show on my iTunes screen - another good sign!  Immediately hitting the 'Restore' option, I wiped the droids memory completely and started over.  Amazingly, after several syncs and re-syncs, it seems to be back to normal.  Could it be?  I'm thrilled.

And the first song that came up after it's near-death experience?  Immortal by Adema.  Go figure.


Mama Cache said…
I love happy endings! I was whispering "Not now..." as I was reading along. Like I said, I love happy endings.
Granny-Wan said…
Yay for Pinkie Pod! I knew that electronics have a secret life...
Ari C'rona said…
Okay, you took me on quite a roller-coaster ride with this one! lol! I am soooo glad Pinkie is revived! Love the starting song! :o)
Stacy Christian said…
Who says technology can't have a sense of humor?

I have an ancient nano as well. I'd have to look it up again, but the Apple site has instructions for a manual reset of sorts.
Fluffy Cow said…
That's the thing about the iPods... they always creepily play the right song for the moment.

They read your mind.

But I AM so glad it revived! Don't forget about apple support as well. Lots of good info on those pages.