The Current Narrative

An update for my regular readers: I'm still here.

We, my loyal Padawan and my dear friend from Louisiana are here with me slogging through the final preparations for my Mother's memorial service.  I am thankful that the LORD prepared me with the skills to put together these types of functions far before I needed to do it while still in the shocked numbness of knowing my beloved Mom is gone.

part of the memory table mock-up
I won't bore you with all the details of the planning, however.  More important is the overwhelming realization that you cannot encapsulate a life into an hour-ish least you can't do it to my satisfaction.  How in the world can I express all that my Mom was, the essence of her, into a short service bookended with a welcome and refreshments?

Everyone keeps telling me that my Mom would be well-pleased with what we are putting together.  I also know that it is going to be beyond difficult for my Dad to see, hear and receive all of the pieces we have gathered.  Her life is his life, too.  *just letting that sink in*  Now, he has to put together a new life without her.  I'm committed to helping him do that - I love him so much.

Anyway, enough of the deep thoughts for now.  On a lighter note, my Padawan and I picked up our southern friend from the airport yesterday.  On a whim, I awoke yesterday morning with the distinct thought that we needed to meet her as Jedi.  Fun, huh?  She did ask me how many Jedi were going to meet her at the airport, after all.  Well, the answer was two!  She was pretty surprised, I have to say.  *smile*  (I always hate using someone else's camera, and I forgot mine.  This is the best shot I got of Padawan helping at baggage claim.  We sure got some interesting looks!)

So, onward and upward with the final checklist for the memorial; we are also trying to fit in a little fun while we are all together...G-d willing.


YourBrother said…
I know this is a difficult task for you, my friend. It was most difficult for us to listen to the loving comments of those who knew our son and relived their life with him.
But it left us with warm memories that we might have missed if there hadn't been a gathering to share them. So continue your effort to share your Mom, and the Lord will bless your work.
Jedi-J said…
I am always astounded at your ability to write so well. Your thoughts are always planned out and penned so nicely. As for you and your family I once again give my heart felt condolences. Wish I could be there with you all during this time of sadness. And finally that was brilliant to go to the airport dressed up! :)
Hendel D'bu said…
Thank you so much, J, for such nice compliments - I would love to have you and G here with us (and, of course JK!). Your care from afar means so much to me.

Chuck, you are ever the comfort to me - thank you for your support and sympathy, my friend, from the bottom of my heart.