I refuse to forget.

I will never forget the phone call to turn on the television that morning of September 11, 2001.

I will never forget screaming in my kitchen at the horror of our country being attacked by terrorists.

I will never forget all the lives that were lost in that nightmare.

I will never forget who did it and why.

May the G-d of all comfort be with the loved ones of those who have perished, all over the world, due to that act of evil.

I refuse to forget.


Netanya said…
I will never forget the stretch of road I was on and hearing the news on the radio.
I will never forget calling my Mom to find out if my step Dad and brother in law were going to be called back in to active duty because of what happened.
The horror of seeing terrorism hit our land after thinking all these years that we were safe and realizing we are not.
Jedi-J said…
I was giving my youngest son (at the time) jelly on his toast for the first time when my then wife called and said to turn on the news. The sky in Rhode Island that day was the clearest I've ever seen. Not a single cloud anywhere. I will never forget either.