Periodically, I receive anonymous comments on this blog that are of the debating nature, sometimes seen as 'open dialog', of a topic I have featured.  Frankly, I'm not sure a blog is the best forum for this type of communication.

First of all, we all know the computer is not the best way to converse.  Conversation is not only words, but opinions, expressions and feelings portrayed through body language and tone of voice.  Unfortunately, the computer takes all the human element out of conversation and makes us all sound like a droid - flat and expressionless.  I find that I have to work diligently to make my computer writings 'sound' warm and friendly.  But for most correspondence, it's flat and expressionless...even cold (yes, even with "lol!" stuck on the end).  Also, the timing of normal, natural conversation is lost with the back-and-forth of computer debates.  This leaves comments 'hanging out there' without response until the other party reads and responds.  Other readers are left scratching their heads or reaching inaccurate conclusions.

Secondly, I am just going to be bold and say that the purpose of this blog is not to debate any earth-shattering, life-altering issues.  My main intent of this blog was to speak my heart about subjects that I hold close; loving others and my life experiences.  If I am benefiting from something, I like to share it.  If I learn something or think something is funny, I want to share that, too.  This is all good and right in my mind.  However, some think that this blog is available for public viewing to give them fodder for gossip or criticism, or to question my identity (such as if I'm truly a believer).  If you are just reading this blog to find things to debate or "openly dialog" (or even nit-pick or tear apart), please let me suggest you move on.  I respect your views, but perhaps you need to start your own blog to wax eloquently your thoughts on the subjects spoken of here or anywhere else. 

This blog does not post anonymous comments...period.  I don't care who you are; if I don't know you or you don't identify yourself (this includes initials that I don't readily recognize), I'm not allowing the comment to post.  Don't take it personally - it is the same for all.  If you are going to step out there and make controversial comments, you'd better take ownership and say who you are.  Also, as the moderator and author of this blog, I reserve the right to retain the tone and feel of this blog.  If your comment is less-than-kind or snarky in any way, it will not be posted.  And, you can take that one personally, if you like.

If you want to debate subjects contained in this blog, I have provided an email link for your commenting pleasure.  Please feel free to send debating or combative comments there, as (again) they will not be posted on this, or any, of my blogs.

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Thank you for your time.


Stacy Christian said…
I agree whole-heartedly. I would even go so far as to say that the texting language of today makes us all sound like blonde, cookie-mold cheerleaders (no intentional offense to the intellectual blonde cheerleaders out there), and should be avoided out of hand.

Communication is ultimately about identity.
Sue KuKu said…
We have a policy at my church. If someone leaves an anonymous note complaining about the organist or his music, or a hymn or the choir anthem or anything else and they don't sign it, it's thrown away.

The organist will never even see anonymous complaints against him, etc. It's not even considered.

Netanya said…
Absolutely! If someone's going to have the chutpah to rip you up,or gossip,or nit-pic,then let them be adult enough to state who they are.If they don't ,they're chicken and hiding behind a mask of supposed boldness that they really don't possess. If they are anonymous,they are imature and insecure. They shouldn't type,what they don't have the nerve to say face to face.
If they're tearing you down,they are what my old Bible study teacher called basement people-those who want to take you down to their level. Something in their life isn't right,or is making them miserable,and want you to be as well-very selfish and not a Yeshu-like attribute.
You want to be around attic people-those who's goal is to lift you up and cause you to soar on eagle's wings.
If they are gossiping,they are in sin and should repent,commit teshuvah,turn away from their sinful ways and strive to kill that part of their flesh.
You are an excellent writer,and very thought provoking.
If a readers thoughts or opinions differ from yours,so what? We should all be able to read and find something positive to walk away with even if there are parts that differ from our own values.That, my friend, is a sign of maturity.
Jedi-J said…
Woohoo I'm excited by your ability to lay down the law! :D
Ari C'rona said…
I must say this bothers me a lot (okay, really irritates me) that, yet again, you have to deal with this issue. How anyone can question your faith is beyond me, my friend.

I'd like to see those folks take time to be encouraging rather than critical. Is that too much to ask?
Marilyn said…
The Word says let your yes be yes and your no be no. I understand this to mean that one is to be upfront in all things - no hiding
behind 'anonymous', 'initials only', 'having someone else, i.e., husband, wife, other person' do your speaking for you. If any one
takes offense at your blogs it seems to me that by taking it personally they are under some
powerful conviction. Otherwise, why such an emotional response?
In fact, why read them at all?

You are an exceptionally talented,
articulate writer.

Rock on, sister!