Tucson is Better...Day 20

Gloriously ensconced in our lovely earth-toned hotel in relaxing Tucson, we have definitely decided that Tucson is better than El Paso. Don't ask.

We drove across the state of New Mexico today. We still didn't see the enchantment part; we were hoping, since this is our second time through a good portion of the state. Amazingly, immediately upon crossing the border into Arizona, the landscape changed ever-so-slightly; more hilly, interesting rock formations, less drab. I absolutely love the architecture in Arizona, and the wonderful earth tones of the buildings. Most of them are stucco painted in lovely creams, tans, and every shade of brown you can imagine...I just love it.

We ended up with an extra couple of hours of time when we got to Tucson, so we were able to tour a local mission, San Xavier Mission just a few miles from our hotel. It was so interesting, but I suppose we would have enjoyed it more if it weren't 107 degrees.

Distance traveled: about 350 miles
Price paid for gas: $2.55/gallon
Starbucks spotted between El Paso and Tucson: 0, much to my dismay
Pics snapped: 96
Lovely sunset: 1

Worth remembering:
Taking Morgan to the airport for her first solo flight. Thankfully, the Tucson Airport is smaller and rather quiet for an airport - very nice and perfect for this nervous mother.

Not worth remembering:
The absolutely worst Burger King restaurant in the country, located in Wilcox, Arizona. Blech.

Tomorrow we head towards Cali, although I would have liked to spend more time exploring Tucson. Yes, even in the heat.


Jedi-J said…
Holy Mercury Rising! I don't think I've ever experienced 107 degrees before. Closest I think it's ever gotten in my life time is about 104.
Mama Cache said…
"Better" is good.

Enjoy California, my friend!
Stacy Christian said…
But it's a dry heat, right? ;) Loved your Snap quote today, dear friend.
Mama Cache said…
My morning stroll included not only the stop here, but also one to your "snap" blog. I want you to pretend that you have a comment box there just for a minute. *smile*

The photo is beautiful -- those are such soft colors. (Interior shot? How kind of them to allow such. Memo to the Alamo...) Seriously, it's really a pretty shot.

The quote you chose to include with it captures so much in only a few sentences. Written in the 1600's? What timeless thoughts!
Baqash said…
Tucson is DEFINITELY better than El Paso. Baqash who has now flown south for the 2011/12 winter in Tucson.