A Simply Wonderful Day on the Oregon Coast...Day 29

What a treat to be on the Oregon Coast when the sun is shining!

We did all the things you are supposed to do on the Oregon Coast...

Eat breakfast at Pig'n Pancake (the best one is in Cannon Beach).

Drive along the coast and pull out erratically to take random coastal photos.

Let the attendant pump your gas in Seaside.

Buy salt water taffy only after giving them the 'freshness' test.

Stroll and shop through Cannon Beach - buy a cool scarf just because.

Try on silly hats and make fools of yourselves.

Step into the bakery and buy pastries that you would never think of at home.

Drool at the smell of the best pizza coming from Pizza a'fetta.

Take pics of the beautiful flowers all through Cannon Beach proper.

Get sand between your toes and let the wind give you beach hair.

Stop and buy cheese curds at the Tillamook Cheese Factory.

Watch the Yaquina Head lighthouse until the light flashes.

Grab a great latte in Manzanita.

Breath in the cool, wonderfully clean ocean air and feel the wind in your face.

Stop and marvel at people making sand sculptures at Tolovana Beach.

Track sand into the car.

Relive all your great memories of this place.

Eat dinner at Georgie's in Newport and top it off with some champagne...yummy!

Good times...


Jedi-J said…
Those foods sound yummerz!
Mama Cache said…
This is grand! One could wear out a "like" button on a post like this! So very happy for you!
asl4god said…
I still say that one of these days you'll be living near or in Cannon Beach. You always seem to be home there. LOVE YA SIS!!!