ps. The Perfect Accommodations

So, hotel owner/managers, in case you ever wondered what travelers (especially those with families) would like to have in hotel accommodations, let me enlighten you!

We stayed in 22 different hotels over the month. I think we have pretty much narrowed down what we would like to see in the perfect accommodations:
  • Helpful staff that speaks and understands English fluently
  • A good breakfast that offers real food, not just pre-packaged pastries and hotel coffee
  • Vending machines - munchies and drinks would be good
  • Heated, indoor pools are wonderful!
  • Fast, easy internet access; an ethernet cable provided in the room is so convenient
  • Air conditioning unit with a control that is easy to understand
  • Hairdryer, the newer the better
  • Extra towels, blankets and pillows
  • Pillow-top mattresses are the best!
  • Fitness room with enough room to do yoga, more than one machine is good, too
  • A sink/vanity separate from the toilet/shower makes getting ready easier
  • A fan in the toilet/shower area is a MUST
  • Windows that open make the room so much more comfortable
  • Laundry room that is ventilated and bigger than a closet
  • Local attraction and restaurant recommendations are helpful
  • A room with two double or queen beds for no more than $100/night
I don't think that is asking too much, is it? We actually had a few rooms on this trip that had all of the above, if you can believe it. It is doable! And, no, the photo below is not from one of our's one of many guest rooms at Hearst Castle. Cool, eh?


Ari C'rona said…
Fabulous list! I think you captured it all! So, when are we traveling again? :o)
Stacy Christian said…
Did you stay at chains or more unique local places? Would you recommend one chain over another?
Mama Cache said…
Trés bon!
Mama Cache said…
By the way, "spare" on "S N A P" is so, so clever. Anyone who doesn't know about that cybercoffetablebook is missin' out!
Jedi-J said…
That's exactly what I'd want too.
Hendel D'bu said…
Stacy, I would recommend the Comfort Inns, and their family of hotels. They were the most consistent in most things; comfortable beds, internet access, breakfast, price. Best Westerns are good, too, but not as consistent in our experience. :-)