My Favorite State of All...Day 28

Oregon is my favorite state of all - perhaps you can see why...

Before we entered the beautiful state of Oregon, we greatly enjoyed the Redwoods. Honestly, I didn't think I'd like these majestic giants more than any other huge trees, but there is something about them...something indescribable. They are the tallest trees, even taller than the Giant Sequoias we saw just a few days ago. It was so incredible just to walk through groves of them, quietly padding along the trail covered in needles, meandering among the giants. Unforgettable.

We now have a "vacation from our vacation"; two full days to enjoy the Oregon Coast and re-acclimate to the PNW. We want to letterbox a bit, walk the beach, visit favorite places and find new ones. And sleep in - that's on the agenda for tomorrow; we are not getting up until 7:30 am! Haha!

So today's stats:
Conversations with a 'friendly' CHP Officer: 1*
Distance hiked: about 2.5 miles, I'm guessin'
Lighthouses visited: 4; Coquille River LH, Cape Blanco LH, Pelican Bay LH and Battery Point LH
Photos snapped: 277
Times I lamented our road trip coming to an end: countless

*Guess he didn't like the way I pulled a u-turn right in front of him coming towards me...but he was speeding, really. I looked before I went, and it was clear! Anyway, no ticket...


Anonymous said…
Rest, relax and enjoy. Beautiful pics. I think Lisa is a Jedi now too, she can balance a tree and Alex on her head, amazing!!
Safe travels,
Ona Journey
Jedi-J said…
Holy! You're in Return of the Jedi land!!! :D
Sue KuKu said…
I lived in the Arcata/Eureka area on Humboldt Bay for three years. I remember the Redwood Highway that wound around HUGE redwoods. There was a sign that said it all: "Please drive sober. Redwoods don't move over."

I love your pics of the Oregon Coast. Reminds me of the many reasons I live here!

Hoping to see you soon, my friend. I have been loving reading about your trip and seeing your photos!

Mama Cache said…
[Thank you very much, Mr. Blogger, for letting me post . . . finally!]

Soak it up like a sponge, my friend. I think I could watch slideshows of your beloved Oregon for hours!

I hope you have an incredible stay there before you head home.