The Glorious Gulf...Day 13

Only a scant couple of hours down the interstate got us down on the soft, hot sand of the beach. Not like the grey, rather chilly beaches of the PNW, but the kind of beaches that people dream of...glorious sunshine, sugar white sand, beach chairs with bright colored umbrellas and clear, turquoise water and waves curling beautifully and crashing softly onto the shore.

The lifeguards we talked to said they heard the oil was about 7 miles out, but moving quickly. Not if, but when the oil comes ashore, it will kill the fish, birds, shellfish, the tourist industry and the jobs of lifeguards, museum workers, hotel staff, fishermen and countless other employees that live and work along the Gulf of Mexico. It is a heartbreak I cannot even begin to describe. It makes me sick to my stomach as I watch the powers that be try this or that to stop the flow of toxic oil, only to be thwarted. Things continue to worsen, much to the dismay of the helpless watchers. It is on the minds and lips of every person down here; from the coast of Louisiana to the beaches of Florida, and rightly so. It is a tragedy of epic proportions.


Anyway, we did not see any oil globs on the beach today. We were fortunate to be there today, as there are rumors of closure tomorrow. Things are being closed, tourist attractions canceled one by one in anticipation of the oil, or it's arrival in some places. I didn't smell any chemical or oil smell, though.

Even with the impending doom, we enjoyed the beach. We walked down the boardwalk, slipped off our shoes and got our toes into the sand. We splashed in the cool, but not cold, water, watched the waves hit the shore and snapped pics. It was hot...really hot. On that white sand, it just feels like a frying pan. Amazingly beautiful, but hot.

After our time on the sand, we drove all the way to Florida's Perdido Bay. I just loved the pastel homes and condos...just like you see on TV. Then, we impulsively decided to make a side trip to Fort Morgan and indulge in a little history. It was a must if only because of the daughter's name is Morgan.

One more day here in Mississippi, then we will head back westward. Tomorrow - Biloxi and meeting with friends for a final meal and photo op, then it's back on the road.


Mama Cache said…
Have I ever told you I love reading your blog? *smile*

I'm thankful you got to see that pretty coast up close and personal.
Anonymous said…
Scott and I honeymooned at Gulf Shores, AL, one of my most favorite places in the world. The white sand beaches are mesmerizing. We visited Ft. Morgan too! It makes my heart ache to think about the beaches being ruined and wildlife ...well you know. Glad you got to be one of the few to see it one last time.
Safe travels,
MJ-Ona Journey
Jedi-J said…
It's almost as the end of the world is coming to those areas down there. The weird part of it is they know it's coming. I am so saddened by what is going on and helpless are the people caught in the middle of it. :(
Shalar said…
Thank you so much for sharing pictures of your adventures. I love hearing about folks' vacations, but the pictures make it possible for me to see places I haven't had the chance to visit.

And it really is a blessing that you got to see the coast as it is. We're definitely praying that this disaster will be dealt with and handled as quickly as possible.