Day 17...Westward to Texas!

After a relatively lazy exit to our hotel this morning, we had the pleasure of attending Sunday morning church service with our good friends and their congregation in Clinton, Louisiana. Unfortunately, we didn't have the luxury of time or else we would have stayed for a delicious-smelling lunch. But down the road we headed toward Houston. Prior to our departure, we managed to snap a few pics:

The above group shot is most of the crew; the Hendersons, the Landrys and the Roddys. We are missing the two oldest Roddy men, however. *sadness*

This is a great pic of the letterboxers - Padawan, SHH & Mama Cache. Good times, to be sure!

This last pic is of me and my sweet buddy Jack...we like each other a lot! It will be a while until I get to see him again, and he will have grown quite a bit when that times comes, but I got enough hugs to last, I think. *smile*

So, coming into Houston was a treat. No, not the Houston traffic or confusing freeways, but meeting again with one of my favorite letterboxing friends, Dewberry, her wonderful husband and their two delightful boys. We got to share a great meal, some Texas-sized dessert and the comforting conversation of good friends. And, if it weren't for their help and navigation skills, I'm afraid we would still be driving around trying to get to our hotel. Haha! (Thanks Laura & Paul! You guys rock!)

Distance traveled: 325-ish miles
Letterboxes: 2 attempted, 0 found
Deceased armadillo count: at least 3
Unidentified wildlife spotted: gazelle-like animals and large pink-bellied white birds
Drivers who waved back on the highway: about 10
Starbucks stop: 1
Weather: sunny, hot and very humid
Highest temperature: 94*
Calories consumed: probably enough for a whole week!

Worth remembering:
Stopping in the Atchafalaya Visitor Center in the middle of the biggest river swamp in North America - very cool! Also, the giant pieces of coconut and toffee-licious cake at my favorite dessert place in the country, Dessert Gallery in Houston. Everything really is bigger in Texas!

Kind of a bummer:
Not being able to make it to Avery Island. Maybe next time...

Next stop: San Antonio and the Alamo!


Mama Cache said…
I smiled as I read of Jack's hugs . . . it's a shame he's so SHY! ;-)

We sure love and miss you all.

You did eat a piece of cake for me, right? Just checkin'...

By the way, in Texas armadillos double as speed bumps.

Happy trails to all of you!
Jedi-J said…
This is turning into one heck of a love fest! You know a lot of people around the country for sure. ;)
Anonymous said…
I think your large white bird with the pink belly could have been Roseate Spoonbill.

Very cool!
Safe Travels,
Ona Journey
Laura said…
So glad to see you guys. It was a huge treat (and no, not just the desserts). Safe voyage!