Bienvenue to Lousiana...Day 15

I have always wanted to visit one of the beautiful plantation homes, you know, like Gone With the Wind. They are so grand, so opulent, so...historic. To make this desire a reality, we stopped in St. Francisville on our way to see our good friends who live in a little town called Clinton.

It was a little confusing finding the historic part of the town, but we did find it...and enjoyed the old buildings and old southern architecture. However, in finding the place to experience the plantation in my minds eye, well, that wasn't so easy. The first one we visited, the one that the internet stated was the 'most complete', was nice but didn't fit my definition of a 'plantation'. I really wouldn't recommend the Cottage Plantation if you are looking for Tara

So, to find my definition of a plantation estate, you must go to Rosedown (pictured above). We were told that the admission price was very expensive, but it was less than the private plantation we toured earlier. ($10/adults, $4.50/under 18) The tour was thorough and interesting, the grounds were delicious to wander and I highly recommend bringing your camera (no flash, though) - you will not be sorry.

Tomorrow, which is the Sabbath, we will be spending the day with our friends here in Louisiana.
Shabbat Shalom!


Jedi-J said…
wow this tour is turning out to be a historical heaven! Was there cotton fields on the plantation?
Kaaren said…
Beautiful pictures!
Hendel D'bu said…
Rosedown was a large working plantation having thousands of acres of cotton fields and up to 450 slaves.

So glad you are enjoying our tour, J! More to come :-)