We Were Walkin' in Memphis...Day 8

Mud Island River Park was wonderful in the glorious sunshine! A quick ride over the river to the park via Monorail gets you to the wonderful museum showcasing everything you could ever want to know about the history of the Mississippi River and the activities surrounding it, and an incredible model of the entire river that you can walk in and around. We really enjoyed everything about this park, except the $3 bottles of water.

After exhausting the Mud Island Park, we found the Memphis Zoo to explore. It is a nice zoo, but I may be spoiled by our own local Pacific Northwest Zoo offerings. The animal exhibits were a bit small for my tastes and silk foliage doesn't fool either the animals or the visitors, unfortunately. We still had fun taking pics and finding the animals sacked out in the shade, snoozing in the heat of the afternoon. My favorites included the tropical birds, the big cats and the small Three Banded Armidillos that resembled mouse droids, both in appearance and movements. How funny! We poop'd out halfway through, and decided we had seen enough for one day.

I guess we were not the only ones that were hot!

Distance traveled: under 100 miles, all around Memphis
Miles walked: 5-ish
Number of oohs and aahhs at historic architecture: too many to count
Pics snapped: 240, with the majority being turtle pics taken by Tay
Trips up and down North Parkway: 4 or 5...!!
Birthdays remembered: 1 (Dane's 25th!)
Sonic drinks purchased: 7, all on happy hour
Price paid for parking: $6

Tomorrow we head to Lucedale, Mississippi. Watch out Meemaw...here we come!


Mama Cache said…
I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed Mud Island. You did see an oil-free Gulf of Mexico in miniature, right?

Sweet dreams all!
Jedi-J said…
Oh I like the replica river!