This Jedi Reviews (the new) Robin Hood

Last evening I had the pleasure of viewing the newest remake of the story of Robin Hood. I have to admit that it wasn't something that was even on my radar screen until a friend mentioned it to me. She is a staunch Russell Crowe fan and absolutely was not going to miss him as the 12th century legend. It sounded like a fun time out with the 'girls', so myself, my daughter, my best friend and our Russell-crazed friend headed for the theater.

The first thing that struck me was the costuming. It was so realistic and, well, smelly-looking! Excellent costuming made this instantly believable to me. Next, the musical score by Marc Streitenfeld was rich and well-orchestrated, adding to the texture and feeling of the time period.

Crowe (Robin Hood) and Cate Blanchett (Lady Marion)

I was impressed with this movie; it held my attention for the entire 2 hours and 20 minutes. Even though it is longer than most epics, the engaging story, breathtaking cinematography, excellent acting and realistic action kept it moving right lags here. As with all recreations of classics, the fact that I knew the story and the characters fairly well, led to a comfortable familiarity of recognition as characters were introduced.

I also enjoyed the last remake of this story, the one that starred Kevin much so that we own it on DVD. I enjoyed the difference of this newest installment, though, because it clearly explains how Robin Hood, or Robin of the Hood, became the outlaw legend, whereas Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves is more of the classic story of his exploits as the outlaw. And, who doesn't love a good backstory?

Kevin Costner as Robin Hood

What makes me think that neither of these actors looked anything like the real Robin Hood?

Bottom line: I highly recommend this epic action-packed classic if you are a Russell Crowe fan, enjoy watching Cate Blanchett do what she does best (she is excellent in this movie) and you enjoy period pieces. There is some rather gory scenes (sword fighting and close hand-to-hand combat), as well as a mild, covered sexual scene.

Oh, and if you go, stay for the credits. There is some incredible artwork depicting scenes from the movie that you will find interesting and engaging - I did.

ps. Had to add a pic of the all-time favorite version of Robin Hood by our friends at honest, isn't this where we all really learned the story? :-)


Mama Cache said…
...from my favorite movie critic. You write these reviews like a pro, my friend.
Kaaren said…
I'm still on the fence with this one. Not a RC fan, and although I am a period-piece nut, I'm still hesitating.
Jedi-J said…
hmmm...interestingly positive review. From the commercials I thought this would be a bomb at the box office. Will check it out when it comes to Netflix. Thanks!
Ari C'rona said…
Nice review, my friend! That was really fun! :o)