Slowin' Down in the South...Day 10

Hangin' out at Meemaw's house is a lesson in slowing down, taking it easy, resting and sitting. A valuable lesson for me, that's for sure!

Us girls went to church this morning with Josie, my mother-in-law, and then we enjoyed a lovely, old-fashioned, sit-down-at-the-table Sunday 'dinner', which is actually served at lunchtime according to the rest of the country. We visited with my husband's brother for a bit then snacked, visited and sat some more. The kids went for a walk while I cleaned up Josie's computer a bit, then we watched a movie...all of us...together. I know. Strange.

We all got our laundry cleaned and re-packed, the boys hung out, read or played a bit of pool. They even went for a walk around the neighborhood between the thunder and rain squalls.

Distance traveled: less than 5 miles to church
Calories consumed: ack! I don't even want to think about it!
Movie watched: Hulk, the new was okay
Loads of laundry: at least 6, but I wasn't counting.

Tomorrow we are planning on a drive over to Mobile, Alabama, to do some shopping at the local Stein Mart there, then paying a visit to Morrison's Cafeteria...yum!

It's nice to slow down for a bit. *smile*

ps. As an aside, it is my 18th wedding anniversary today - Happy Anniversary, Honey! I love you!


Kaaren said…
Happy Anniversary.

PS. Sooo close to Florida. Come on down :D
Jedi-J said…
After 10 days on the road I'd need a rest too. Happy travels!
Netanya said…
Happy Anniversary!
And yes,you do need to learn to slow down,at least once in a while.Rest is good for the mind and body.