O-o-o-h Yes, Wyoming! Day 3

Today we left Utah and entered the Cowboy Country that is Wyoming. Yeah...rocky, scrubby sagebrush and juniper, dry, dusty landscape punctuated with high plateaus and creeks cutting through red and yellow dirt pastures and huge expanses of land. Horses are everywhere, along with cattle and sheep. We even saw cattle being herded with cowboys on an ATV...pretty modern, eh?

Distance traveled: 391 miles
Pics snapped: 102
Bad meals: 2 (ugh)
Arguments with hotel staff: 1
Letterboxes: attempted, 1
Price paid for gas: $2.99/gallon
Impulse purchase of the day: a Snuggie (haha!)
Highest/lowest touring temperature today: 65*/44*
Weather: mostly overcast with intermittent spots of warm sunshine

Worth remembering:
We decided to drive the loop around Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area hoping to see some spectacular scenery and photo opportunities. We got some good shots, but I'm not sure it was worth the 160-ish miles of driving it required. Ah well...I finally got a good shot of a Pronghorn Antelope!

We also stopped at Fort Bridger. It was very cool...no, really, it was downright cold! So, unfortunately we didn't get to walk around and explore the entire Fort. The museum was nice, though, and heated.

Not worth remembering:
Stopping at Little America, Wyoming, which is a large truck stop. We didn't stay long.

Here come the thunderstorms (as I watch the darkest clouds I've ever seen roll over the countryside towards Rock Springs). I'm hopeful they will be over by morning.


Mama Cache said…
The blog format for the trip is wonderfully entertaining!

Note: I know you needed that Snuggie, but, oh, it makes me hot just thinking of it. You will soon doff that new purchase. Promise.
Jedi-J said…
I envy this trip. Many things I have not seen before. Must get out there one day.