A Long Stretch of Highway...Day 5

The drive from Denver to Salina, Kansas, is the longest, flattest stretch of highway I've driven for a long time. But, it was sunny and we had a good audio book to listen to, so it made the time go by a little bit easier.

We stopped for a couple of letterboxes in some interesting places. The first 'box was located in Limon, Colorado, at a cool little museum that featured an old one-room schoolhouse, an old train depot and a collection of saddles from as far back as the mid-1800's. Lots of old farm equipment was fun to look at, as well as quaint gardens and old playground equipment.

The second successful 'box find was located in Goodland, Kansas, at an absolutely HUGE replica of Three Sunflowers in a Vase by Vincent van Gogh. Standing 80 feet high, it was a sight to behold. We were all pretty impressed!

Distance traveled: 410 miles
Prairie dogs spotted in Denver: dozens and dozens!
Letterboxes: 2 found, 1 attempted
Pics snapped: 161
Worst coffee in the country: Aurora Colorado Best Western
High temperature: 84*
Favorite on-the-road car game: seeing how many different ways you can pronounce strange town names

Worth remembering:
Meeting with Mary Jane, Scott and beautiful Laurel for a wonderful Italian dinner in Salina on a wonderfully warm evening.

Not worth remembering:
The strange roadside 'point of interest' that featured a rickety old tower claiming views of six states at once. (No, those are not real tourists...they are mannequins! Creepy!) No, we did not go up...go figure. Besides, wouldn't all six states look pretty much the same? I'm thinkin' flat farm land, but what do I know?

Tomorrow we are heading towards our good friend Dane in St. Louis - can't wait!


Mama Cache said…
Lovin' these stats of yours. *smile*

Hope today is a good traveling day for you all.
Jedi-J said…
This ride is turning into such an amazing visual collection. Keep snapping!
Anonymous said…
It was so great to see you and dinner was wonderful. We are home safe and sound. Hope you had a great day on the road and fun adventures.
Safe travels!
MJ-Ona Journey
Scott and Laurel too!