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A Day in Mobile...Day 11

I've long awaited the day of driving, once again, to my favorite clothing store (after Nordstrom, that is) - Stein Mart! Today was the day, and the visit didn't disappoint. Well, actually, it may have been disappointing to the young male travelers in our midst, but for us females it was great!

We enjoyed Stein Mart and then shopped Cato, as well. All successful, I'm happy to report; Lisa, Morgan and I all came away with very fun things that we would be hard pressed to find at home. Big smiles all around! Then, we went in search of Yellow Box sandals...fancy flip-flops, really. Success there, too, at a wonderful shoe and purse store called Shoe Station. Yeah...I said shoes and purses! Sweet!

Morgan wasn't particularly interested in the Yellow Box sandals, but a brand of shoe called Toms. I'd never heard of them, but there they were, in all their canvas glory. I guess they are a type of humanitarian shoe; for every pair purchased, the company will give a pair to a needy child in India. That's cool.

After we were exhausted shopping, we needed to re-fuel, both ourselves and the van. So, off to Morrison's Cafeteria. Now, we don't have access to cafeterias at home, unless you are in public education or eating in a hospital. Morrison's takes you right back to your school days - even with the rather brusque servers, but the food is absolutely wonderful! You can get traditional southern fare or the more mainstream favorites such as fried chicken and mashed potatoes with gravy...yummy! I indulged in a little custard pie for dessert, while Lisa chose the bread pudding. To be honest, I wish I would have had the bread pudding, as was to die for!

After we filled our tanks, and the van's, we headed back toward the Mississippi border. We decided to take a little detour to visit a friend before going home. Jean lives 'out in the country' in a sweet house at the end of a long street. She is a wonderfully funny and delightful soul who will regale you with stories of snakes and birds, family and neighbors and anything else that comes to mind. She is an absolute master of visiting Southern-style - very fun!

Anyway, after a good visit, we decided it was time to head for home. We were all getting a bit tired from our exploits of the day. It was so unfortunate when we discovered the keys had been locked into our van. Oy! Yeah, I had left the keys on the driver's seat in my excitement to hug Jean's neck and, well, when everyone got out and shut the doors, the van took it upon itself to be safe and lock 'em up. Dumb droid.

You can probably guess what happened next...

Hurray for AAA!

And our time in the deep South continues...


Mama Cache said…
Reading and enjoying . . . here and "s n a p" . . . *smile*
Jedi-J said…
I've heard of those shoes...once haha. Interesting door locking mechanism you have there. :P And finally I wish I was at the cafeteria too...I was never comfortable when in school and often hid in the resource class to avoid lunch with strangers during my high school years. Happy trails!

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