Into Idaho...Day 2

Glorious travel! It was another wonderful day of getting up early, getting out the hotel door and hitting the road by 8 am. Yeehaw!

Quote from the Road: "A geological site? Wait a minute...the whole earth is a geological site!"

The hotel is really something here in Ogden - great fitness room, big rooms, friendly staff and good price (under $100/night). Highly recommended.

Distance: 375 miles
Hours between continental breakfast and a real meal: 8 hours
Letterboxes: found, 1
Pic snapped: 140
GPS Mis-directions taking us to the middle of nowhere: 3
Weather: snow! oh yeah! and a glorious sunset
Price paid for gas in said middle of nowhere: $3.70/gallon (ouch!)

Worth remembering:
We drove the extra 'out of the way' to see the Golden Spike National Historic Site. We had the pleasure of seeing the replicas of the two trains that met at the meeting of the transcontinental rails. On the way, we stopped at a place that was simply called "Rocket Display" turned out to be a display of the parts made by a rather large company called ATK. We saw many rockets, including the Patriot missile, and parts that are used for the rocket launcher for the Space Shuttle. It was pretty cool, really.

Utah is simply a beautiful state. I thought that the last time we came through, and I wasn't exaggerating. It is a 'tidy' state with very nice people, at least the ones we met. It is so picturesque; houses nestled up against the grandeur of the Rocky Mountains topped with snow - just beautiful. We marveled again at the Great Salt Lake and the cleanliness of all the towns. We also ate in an absolutely wonderful restaurant called Maddox Ranch House. Incredible food, fresh biscuits made from their own milled flour with raspberry butter, fresh beef from their own stock and all our meals were such a treat. The topper was the excellent service - I wish that happened everywhere!

Tomorrow's forecast for Rock Springs, Wyoming: thunderstorms.
Oh goody.


Mama Cache said…
I don't think I've ever heard you say "Yeehaw!" before. *smile*

More happy trails, my friend!
Jedi-J said…
That geological site sign reminds me of LOST haha...finale tonight! WOOP!