3-in-1...Day 7

The travelers, plus a friend we picked up in St. Louis

The great states of Missouri, Arkansas and Tennessee all in one day!

Last time we got to visit the Arch, it was overcast and spitting rain on us. This time, we were blessed with beautiful blue sky and sunshine! We completely enjoyed taking our time exploring the Westward Expansion Museum that is under the Arch - I highly recommend it (and, it's free!).

The next stop before heading back to the interstate towards our next hotel was the City Museum. We were NOT expecting the cacophony of noise and school field trips that met us there, that's for sure! The entire museum is four stories made of recycled and reclaimed materials from old architecture, decorative staircases and industrial cast-offs to vintage signs, discarded carnival attractions and found items. It was extremely cool, to say the least...even if very, very overstimulating.

Distance traveled: 271 miles... I think.
Pics snapped: 184, between Tay and I
Price paid at City Museum: $12/person
Impulse purchase of the day: shoelace bracelet at the City Museum shoelace shop
High temperature: a sunny and glorious 91*
Number of ibuprofen tablets consumed: at least 9, not counting passenger consumption

Worth remembering:
The historic architecture exhibit at the City Museum; very well done and, for this history-loving tourist, a real treat.

Not worth remembering:
Getting too little sleep and not enough coffee.

We are happily in Memphis for two nights. Tomorrow we have lots of touring planned and man, am I lookin' forward to it! Memphis was my husband's alma mater (he graduated from Christian Brothers University) and it holds a special place in my heart. It was wonderful to roll back into town after not visiting for many years, seeing the magnolias in bloom and enjoying good BBQ for dinner. I am revelling in the warm humidity, southern hospitality and slower pace. I think it's good for the soul.


Mama Cache said…
Yay! A pretty day . . . what a blessing.
Jedi-J said…
holy mobiles batman you sure can drive quite far in a day!