The Walk

One foot in front of another. Slowly watching as the water is pressed out of the sand under the pressure of each step; footprints recorded temporarily in the gritty ground beneath my feet.

The crashing noise of the water, waves rushing towards me and stopping just short of catching me. Slamming water against water, shallowly sneaking along the shore, reaching towards my feet and further. Loud enough to drown out the torrent of doubt that beleaguer my thoughts, my rationale.

The wind plays with my hair, creating it's own idea of style. Gentle but insistent, begging me to turn my face towards it and breathe it into myself. The Spirit is waiting, coaxing me to stop and listen. Listen to the wind, not biting but cleansing.

Bits and pieces washed upon the shore catch my attention, reminding me of the souls surrounding me. Unique shells, some broken and sad, some whole and gleaming. Smooth pebbles that are so inviting to slip into your pocket, so comfortable and familiar. Piles of kelp, bright green amongst the remnants of storm froth - survivors, they are.

Down the waterline there are other solitary figures experiencing their own walk. Did they come because I did? Are they also communing with the Almighty, bearing their souls to the only One who can help them, rescue them? Did they, too, suddenly realize they had hot tears streaking their cheeks after unwanted sobs ripped from their being?

A gray mist rolls in on the wind, racing with the waves, always winning as it skims across the top of the sand. So quiet and gentle you almost can't sense it, but you know it's there. A voice, a whisper...

I am here with you, as always.

Do not be afraid, I will be your defense.

I called you from eternity, I have always known are Mine.

I know and I am in complete control.

Don't forget who you are.

Just walk.

Storm clouds banked against the horizon line, foreboding. And a lone gull flies into the coming storm on strong wings once again.


Mama Cache said…
It is amazing what you draw from the well of your experience. Beautifully written, my friend.
Jedi-J said…
I find you're ability to describe things quite amazing. If I had written this it would have gone something like this: "I went to the beach today." See? I'm not the greatest writer! :)
Ari C'rona said…
Yes, He is our defense and protector, my dear friend.
Mama Cache said…
I came back to read this again. I love you, my friend.