An Interview with Hendel D'bu

This past weekend, while at Norwescon, I was interviewed for an internet magazine. The gentleman was interviewing all kinds of folks and I guess he liked my smile. I have to admit I was a little nervous about being filmed and recorded. My mom always told me on picture day not to smile too big - I'm positive I muffed it this time, Mom.

Anyway, in light of current events of which I've talked too much about here on the blog, I feel that there are questions that are just begging to be asked. Well, sorta. Perhaps you will see what I mean...

Q: So, how did you acquire the, um...unique name of Hendel D'bu?
A: It is actually a mix of my real name. Hend is taken from my married last name, and el is the first two letters of my given first name. The D'bu part is a little more tricky; D is the first letter of my mother's maiden name and the bu part is the first two letters of my city of birth. So, now you know. Just to make it look and sound more Star Wars-y, I added the apostrophe, which is actually a pain when it comes to screen names. Oh well.

Q: Why in the world would you costume as a Star Wars character?
A: Why not? *smile* First of all, it's fun. It is a great outlet for my creativity. I like Star Wars. I'm a Jedi, for all you uninitiated. Plus, it looks good on me. *shrug*

Q: What do you say to those, especially Christians, that have 'issues' with Star Wars, for example spiritual concerns such as Zen Buddhism, etc.?
A: The first thing I would want to know is if they have watched the films...recently. If not, I certainly would encourage them to do so. Star Wars is tame in comparison to most fantasy films produced in the last few years, to be sure. But I haven't answered the question, have I? I would say to the concerned that for someone who is firm in their faith, Star Wars is not going to be an issue. Pieces and parts of many faiths were incorporated into the fictional philosophy (it's not a religion, since nothing is being worshiped, in my view). If you are not secure in your faith, well perhaps you need to worry about more important things than Star Wars. I sincerely believe that levitation, extra sensory perception or talking about something called 'the Force' is no different than any other superhero character. Can I suggest that everyone lighten up?

Q: Do you really think you are a Jedi?
A: Well, now that you mention it... Honestly, who wouldn't want to be a Jedi? They are peacekeepers and guardians. They seek knowledge and wisdom, train to be healthy, skilled and efficient, strive to live righteously and selflessly serve...what's not to like about those traits? Yeah, I see a lot of connections between being a Torah observant follower of the Most High and being a Jedi. I also happen to be highly intuitive and discerning, which doesn't hurt either.

Q: So, what's your favorite Star Wars film of the six?
A: Well, I have to say that Episode I is my favorite, even with Jar Jar.

Q: What do you say to people who claim that the newest three of the six films (the prequels) are not "true Star Wars"?
A: I think they have their heads Sorry. I would suggest that the maker, Mr. Lucas, is the one who is best to say what is or is not Star Wars. It is unfortunate that there are some lukewarm fans who are so in a box to think that the Star Wars Universe is limited to their somewhat small imagination. Too bad for them, I say. I love the prequels. I love the originals. I love the books and the animated series. I love the Republic...

Q: What does it mean when you say you are 'trooping'?
A: Trooping is the shorthand term for a bunch of us Star Wars costumers getting together to costume, usually for a convention, parade or charity event.

Q: Are you attending Celebration V in Orlando, Florida this August?
A: Unfortunately, no. We, my Padawan and I, have decided that it is a better choice to take our homeschooled younglings on a month-long road trip instead. We certainly cannot do both, due to financial restraints. Now, if someone wants to gift us free tickets and airfare, I certainly wouldn't turn them down, that's for sure! Someday I will attend a Celebration...I hope.

Q: If you were asked to discontinue costuming or to refrain from talking about Star Wars, would you?
A: I suppose it would depend upon the situation at the time. I don't mind not talking about Star Wars and am sensitive to others that have 'issues' for whatever reason. However, to stop costuming due to their issues or sensitivities - the answer is no. I would not stop costuming to conform to their narrow view of what is acceptable behavior. Sorry. And further, I would not ask someone to discontinue a hobby they loved, unless it was dangerous or destructive, of course. I do try to respect and accept others, even if they think differently than myself.

Q: What does your Mom think of you dressing as a Jedi?
A: Oh, well...I suppose she is used to me doing kind of crazy things! She wouldn't consider it for herself, if that's what you are!


Ari C'rona said…
Great interview, my friend! Clearly stated, I must say. :o)
Jedi-J said…
I love it!!! :D
Mama Cache said…
*smile* This internet interview . . . will it have video? More specifically, is it coming soon to a URL near me?
fun fun fun! Are you going to post pics from norwescon?
Hendel D'bu said…
Sadly, I really wasn't in the mood for much picture taking at Norwescon this year. *sigh*
Stacy Christian said…
Seriously? Those were the questions he asked you? You were much more gracious than I would have been. But then again, I'm not a Jedi.
Hendel D'bu said…
Oh, those weren't the question the interviewer asked...these are questions that I get from people who actually know me... :-/
LLB said…
How interesting! Now, go and watch Star Wars I must!
Caitriona said…
Well said! I agree completely with what you so elegantly state about Jedi, costuming as a Jedi and Episode I.