The Good, the Bad and the Not-So-Attractive

In an attempt to organize my thoughts, the title seems most appropriate. Can I order the blur of the last few weeks into three simple categories such as these? Possibly...

The Good:

The stage production, Passover and two trooping events are over.

My laptop didn't get stolen (thank you, LORD!)

I managed to not mangle my reputation in one of the circles of people I enjoy being with (don't ask about the others, though.)

My husband put in an offer on a piece of property he really likes - I'm happy for him.

My children are all mentally and physically well.

The relationship with my best friend still exists - she's pretty tough.

We didn't get a ticket for parking in a fire lane two days in a row.

Quite a few visitors went to visit Rose in the hospital - I know she enjoyed their care and compassion.

Sitting talking with Chuck - that was definitely a highlight.

Getting to dress, once again, as a Jedi. :-)

The Bad:

I haven't worked out properly for over two weeks. This is bad.

I am misunderstood again. Oh well...perhaps loyalty and friendship is overrated.

Lisa's two handmade lightsabers lost parts and one of our custom comlinks had a run-in with the concrete floor...not good.

Rose is not doing well. I'm sorry to report that she is suffering a lot of pain and now is running a fever. :-(

Don't feel any stronger for the challenges and attack - perhaps that comes later.

I haven't been to the beach for a very, very long time.

The Not-So-Attractive:

OK, so I'll have to iron all the laundry done in my absence due to lack of timely folding.

I have to admit I saw too many skimpy costumes at Norwescon...and way too much flesh. Nope, not attractive at all in my view.

The reality of shallow relationships.

Saying the hard things.

Frustration - nope, that's not attractive, either.

Being mentally, physically and emotionally drained beyond words. Hitting the wall is not pretty.

It's tough trying to keep your feet on the ground,
your head above the clouds,
your nose to the grindstone,
your shoulder to the wheel,
your finger on the pulse,
your eye on the ball
and your ear to the ground.

Experience is what you get when you do not get what you want.


Ari C'rona said…
Well summed up, my dear friend - I love you. :o/
Netanya said…
I love you so very much.Sorry for the hard things you're going through.I wish I could make them go away for you.
If anyone deserves to be treated well and respected,it's you my friend.
You really need a getaway!
Mama Cache said…
You are dear, my friend. I love you.
Jedi-J said…
In my world which mainly exists in my own mind you are so very awesome...and for the fleshy costumes, not all are bad just tasteless ones and there are many! LOL