OK, so I've been under a bit of stress lately. I'm not saying it's not my own doing, but I can readily admit to feeling the affect (or is it effect?) of it. And when enduring the pressure, it just wears me down, making my tolerance diminish - which is such a bummer. Allow me a vent, would you?

Got my taxes done today. Not a fun endeavor, and it is not like we owe or anything. But, next year? Watch out anyone who is middle class. My tax preparer was warning me that we are gonna be heavily taxed next year, without a doubt. I guess that remains to be seen, but what really 'chaps my hide' is how I can't even hint a complaint about the current administration even the slightest bit without somebody who is supportive of the president getting a little miffed. Geez, didn't we conservatives endure Bush-bashing for eight years already? No one said 'boo' to them, in my recollection. So, I'm complaining. I think our current president is a joke, a figure-head, a politician. Nothing against the man personally, and he has a lovely family (he even looks good in a suit); I just don't agree with his politics. Not that I'm going around thinking about it all the time, but this admin is going to make it tougher for all of us with tax-raising, socialistic legislation, and no one can convince me otherwise. I hope I'm wrong.

Next: I'm feeling a little less-than-compassionate for those who like to suggest second-opinion appointments and alternative solutions for a sick and dying cancer patient we are in the midst of assisting. So, new policy: they have to get our patient to those appointments on their time, not mine and Padawan's. That's fair, right? (What would be really nice would be a little support, I think.) Meanwhile, our patient is getting less and I say sane? I think the treatments and the illness itself are getting to her, and it is becoming harder to cope for all involved. Draining, you could say. LORD, give me the strength to complete the task...please? I'm not complaining, really...just feeling the pinch of stress.

Here's another: Am I the only one who feels a little ripped off by cell phone companies? We just recently 'upgraded' our phones (we are long-time customers of our provider), adding another line for my son. Just the activation fees for the three lines was over $70 dollars! What? For them to click 'activate' on a computer screen? I must be missing something. And, when we were picking out our new equipment, the salesperson was so interested in telling us what we were saving, I couldn't figure out how much it was actually gonna cost. Let me tell you, the sticker shock of that bill was not pretty. *frown* Nothing to do about it, it would seem...gotta have a phone and gotta have a way to get in touch with the kids, right?

And a stupid one: After watching the news for a bit yesterday and this morning I have one thing to say, "Who cares about multi-millionaire Tiger Woods, his bad behavior, his victimized family and his prostitute mistresses?" I certainly do not, but can't for the life of me figure out why they are devoting so much air time to this. Must be a slow news day, eh?

Last one: A little love, kindness and respect goes a long way. 'Nuff said.

Venting is a good thing, a healthy thing, a therapeutic thing. I feel better already...


Mama Cache said…
I was just about to close the browser and . . . yep. Had a hunch.

Sorry things are the way they are -- especially when most about which you write has the potential to be different. How sad.

Love you.
Ari C'rona said…
I second the vent with a resounding 'YES' to every part, my friend. :o/
Jedi-J said…
All points are excellent...if you did not vent then I would not know you had anything to vent about. I also see you in my mind as a shining star leading me to knew levels of are like that guy in the book/move WAY OF THE PEACEFUL WARRIOR (never read the book but did see the movie). So keep venting so I know you are human just like me and not some GOD as I often tend to view people in my minds eye. You are one of great kindness and spirit. :)
Nitrocat said…
I don't really have any profound words of comfort, but I will be praying for you.

Hendel D'bu said…
Such kind (and surprising!) words, my dear friend J. I'm glad we are friends and I learn a lot from you, as well.

Think I'd better go find that book you are talking about - it sounds inspiring! :-)