February 11, 2010

Lookin' for a few good moves

Haven't posted for a week - I think that's a new record! I have been very busy, not only with getting ready for company and taking Rose to appointments, but with my newest task. Choreography has not really ever been my thing, but I was asked to assist with a local production incorporating more of a 'Jewish' feel into their dances. Hmmmm....what an undertaking for me!

Choreography seems to have always been an issue for me. I have great ideas, but somehow piecing them together in a cohesive unit seems overwhelming. I really am just a dancer. *sigh* You would think that with dancing Hebrew and Israeli folk dances for the last (almost) eight years, not to mention dancing all my life, it would just flow. Not so.

Stretching our limits is a good thing, right?

My good friend, Gary, who was gracious enough to teach me all that I know of Hebrew dancing has been helping to get the creative juices flowing by getting the dancing going again on Shabbat afternoons. It is wonderful to dance and I love dancing so many of the dances I forgot I knew. But getting incredibly sweaty and tired just reminds me of time passing...yeah, I'm getting older, that's for sure! At least Gary is, too. In some small way that makes me feel better. *smile*

So, I'm praying for Divine inspiration and the time to put together something wonderful for my assignment. Perhaps watching some great Israeli dance teachers will help. This dancer, Dudu Barzilay is so smooth...


Ari C'rona said...

Those videos are inspiring! I know it will come together, my dear friend! :o)

SQUIRREL! said...

I think you very much have his confidence and grace when you dance. You will do a beautiful job, besides, how will they know otherwise since most have not seen Israely dancing ^.^

Jedi-J said...

wow you are a Jane of all trades.