The Slideshow Saga

I have been attempting to create a slide show to share with family this year. This is my first attempt using the free Microsoft download Photo Story 3. (This download worked perfectly with Windows 7, despite the fact that MS stated it was for XP.)

This program was fairly easy to use, even though I had a little trouble getting the right music attached. When I had it the way I wanted it, the slide show had to be exported to a DVD creator-type program to burn to DVD. No problem, as I had Windows DVD Maker already on my computer (how handy). Unfortunately, when I excitedly tried to play the newly burned DVD, I was not happy with the results - the photos were very pixelated even though they were fairly high resolution photos.

So, since this one didn't work, I am off to find another option. I have found another download that I am working with, and so far it has incredible results. It's not a free download, but the $60 price tag may be worth it if the results are exactly what I want.

More to come as the saga continues...


Ari C'rona said…
Wow! That is fabulous! I just sat here thoroughly enjoying it all! Music is superb - pics awesome!

Guess that about sums it up, my friend. :o)
Mama Cache said…
Finally got to watch. . . . ;-) Sooo nice. I hope all goes well with the final works.