Getting ready...

gelt & an Israeli dreidel

At the writing of this post, it is only 5 more days until Hanukkah! I particularly like this holiday because it's eight nights of family, friends, good food, and good times.

To get ready, I only have a few things to get in order:

Break out the hanukkiot (menorahs) and get them wax-free (from last year) and polished up.

Make sure we have enough candles - a full box of Hanukkah candles for each hanukkiah (we have five to light each night!) Oh, and I can't forget the blessings for each night...

Purchase potatoes, onions and peanut oil for yummy latkes! Sour cream and applesauce go with them, too. Mmmmmm.....

Gather all the dreidels that are scattered around the house. (I love the ones I brought home from Israel.) Gelt is needed, too...better grab those from shul.

Collect and organize all the recipes for yummy appys I will be making and taking when we visit friends - it's easier if all the ingredients are purchased ahead, that's for sure.

Break out the Hanukkah stories and music...yeah, you think it's for the kids, but it's more for me. *smile*

Then, there is the gift for each of the kids; this year it's pretty easy, as they just want spending money. I sure don't mind avoiding the mall, especially this time of year!

I'll be ready, I'm sure...ready to party!


Mama Cache said…
Enjoy the prep and the celebration, my friend.;-)
Ari C'rona said…
I'm workin' on my prep as well. Thanks for the list - I won't forget anything now! Great pic, my dear! :o)