December 31st, it is.

Yes, it's the end of another year the LORD has granted me, and you as well, if you are reading this post. A great time for reflection and introspection, to be sure.

A lot of things rocked our nation this year, and the tremors are still reverberating. I'm hopeful that things will continue to get better financially for the seemingly floundering United States. I praise the Master that I'm not in charge of where this ship is headed, y'know? We have done our part to boost retail sales (!!) and with the road trip planned for this coming spring, we will be helping the travel industry, as well. It's nice to think that, in some small way, we are helping to restart the economy. *smile*

On a personal level, this past 12 months have been pretty busy. Of course, we all know how fast time goes as you age, and I am definitely finding that to be true. The months zoom by, consumed by the weekly schedule of school and Shabbat. All the festivals are a blur in my mind; I'm thankful that I have photos to prove that I was actually there! I managed to fulfill all the commitments I made to my family, community, and even managed to contribute to my hobbies on a regular basis. I wonder how many Letterboxer Trading Cards I made...I suppose I could figure it out (do I want to??). And I had the wonderful privilege of trooping with my fellow Star Wars geeks far more than the previous year - what a thrill!

Last January, Lisa and I decided that we were going to tackle the most common of resolutions; getting into shape. I can say, in all honesty, that we fulfilled that resolution - can you believe it? We joined our local Curves, and faithfully went (for the most part) three times a week the entire year. We also enjoyed beginning a yoga practice as an addition to our Curves workout, getting to know Rodney Yee as our favorite yoga instructor. Yoga has been such a blessing in so many ways!

But, did we lose any weight, you ask? In a We are much stronger and healthier, and we really haven't gained any weight, so I'm going to call that a success. And we will continue into this next year with our established routine. Man, it's hard to lose weight as you get older. *sigh* I guess I'll just agree with my mother in law; I'm saving the extra baggage for the 'dread disease' of my old age.

After such success with last year's resolution, am I thinking of a new one for this coming year? Well, actually I am. I would truly like to be more focused with my prayer this year; prayer for others, for my family and friends...however the LORD directs me.

So, here's to 2010! May we find favor in the eyes of HaShem and He sees fit to bless us with protection, wisdom, fellowship and provision. I look forward to another year of spending time and making memories with those that I love, and with those that the LORD brings into my life.

Happy New Year, everyone!


Ari C'rona said…
It has been a quite a year, my friend - I'll join you in your new resolution for the 2010!
Mama Cache said…
Happy New Year to you, my friend. ;-)